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speaking and training

From keynotes to consulting and everywhere in between, there is something for every audience concerned about mental health. 


addressing mental health in the workplace

Does your company have its head in the game with regard to the mental health of its employees? Or is its head in the sand, hoping the problem handles itself? With millennials and Gen Z taking over the workplace, employers must adjust and create mentally supportive workplaces. These workers refuse to tolerate anything less. Dr. Rikki Turner challenges the status quo in workplace culture and gives powerful strategies to change the culture and sustain it. Supervisors will leave with tools to support their team and intervene if necessary. Bust through myths and emerge with a new understanding of what it means to be a mentally supportive workplace where everyone can thrive.

the no-nonsense guide to addressing mental health on campus: college or high school student edition (college or high school)

Everyone recognizes the toll that mental health takes on students, yet it remains a scary topic to address. Dr. Turner dispels widely held beliefs about mental health using humor and candor and provides four easy interventions that anyone can do if they are concerned about someone. Leave empowered to support your fellow students and break through the issues that keep us from intervening.

the radical kindness revolution and how it will save lives

In a world with continuous online connectivity, it is easy to either be perpetually "mean" or perpetually "nice." The shocking fact is that both can be equally damaging. It is time for a kindness revolution! Learn the differences between mean, nice, and kind, and how you can embrace kindness. Change your life and the lives of those with whom you interact. Learn about the harmful effects we have collectively experienced through examples of each. Leave with a new outlook on the positive impact you can have on the world around you and a roadmap to implement kindness in your daily life.


the no-nonsense guide to addressing mental health on campus: faculty/staff edition

This is the faculty/staff companion for the student version. Everyone recognizes the toll that mental health is taking on students, yet it remains a taboo topic to address. In this keynote address, Dr. Turner uses humor and candor to eliminate widely held beliefs about mental health and provides four easy interventions that anyone on campus can do if they are concerned about a student. Leave empowered to support your students and break through the nonsense that keeps us from intervening.

signature intervention program

train students

analyze data

train faculty

Work with students to teach them warning signs, myths, and intervention strategies. Collect experience data from them during these sessions to illuminate the situation on campus.

Compile student experience data to present to faculty, staff, and administration that accurately represents their unique campus experience with suicide.

Present a modified program to the faculty, staff, and administration, plugging in the data from the students to paint an accurate picture of the situation on campus.


professional photo of Brigadier General Joe. E. Ramirez, Jr.

Rikki Turner is a dedicated professional whose insights and compassionate approach made a big difference in the lives of the many cadets and members of my staff who got the opportunity to participate in her training program over 4 days at Texas A&M. The hard hitting facts she provided, and the truly effective tools she provided all of us have already proven beneficial to us as we continue to deal with this critical issue on a daily basis. She brings first hand experience, an educators perspective, and a personable, compassionate approach that immediately breaks down barriers and opens the door to some difficult, but necessary discussion about this national crisis. We are ALL better informed and better prepared as a result of the time we spent with Rikki, and we are all grateful for her insights and ideas about how we can more effectively deal with people in crisis. Our cadets and staff have overwhelmingly said that it was some of the best training they have received, and that we need to bring Rikki back for more in the future. We WILL invite her back to continue this effort to better inform both our cadets and our staff about the issue of suicide – and we will ALL be better for it. A BIG thanks to Rikki for a job extremely well done!

Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez Jr. 
Vice President for Student Affairs
Texas A&M University 

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