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everyone can do something to address youth suicide. let's start today. 

on-site training

Invite Dr. Rikki Turner to your campus to meet with your students and collect real, eye-opening data about their experience with suicide. As she teaches them practical ways to intervene with their friends, they are also giving her valuable insight to share with faculty, staff, and administration. The information is aggregated and used to help build a proactive, comprehensive suicide prevention plan for your campus.


keynote speaking engagement

Rikki is a nationally recognized motivational speaker with a specialty in mental health and team motivation. Invite her to your campus or event today and she will tailor a message special for your audience's unique needs. 


research and consulting

Dr. Turner is available for consulting and campus research to assist Behavior Intervention Teams (BIT), Care Teams, or the Dean of Students office to assess current suicide prevention strategies and develop a new action plan to combat rising numbers.

Two open hands with a yellow flower held between them. Image by Lina Trochez via Unsplash.
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