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intervention begins with education

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for youth in America.
Intervention uplifts students, supports student success, and saves lives. 

Students are in a mental health crisis. Colleges and universities are scrambling to provide staff and students with training and prevention education.

what we offer

Dr. Rikki Turner leads a suicide prevention and intervention workshop in front of a class of military students and staff. She has light skin, shoulder length brown hair, and is wearing a yellow top and jeans.
Rikki Turner smiles while presenting in front of a college class. She has light skin, dark hair past her shoulders, and is wearing a light green blouse and black pants.
Two people are sitting in front of their laptops, sketching out ideas on a piece of paper. The photo only shows their arms, hands, and desktop.

Engage your crowd directly with entertaining and impactful training that breaks down barriers and ignites a desire to intervene with those struggling with mental health.

Work with departments and teams to identify areas of concern, gaps in training and create buy-in from key constituents to elevate intervention efforts on your campus.  

Investigate experiences of suicide as it relates to your institution's specific needs and compare to the national trends as well as the trends on similar campuses.

what people say

Professional headshot of  Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez, Jr.

Rikki Turner is a dedicated professional whose insights and compassionate approach made a big difference in the lives of the many cadets and members of my staff who got the opportunity to participate in her training program over 4 days at Texas A&M. The hard hitting facts she provided, and the truly effective tools she provided all of us have already proven beneficial to us as we continue to deal with this critical issue on a daily basis. She brings first hand experience, an educators perspective, and a personable, compassionate approach that immediately breaks down barriers and opens the door to some difficult, but necessary discussion about this national crisis. We are ALL better informed and better prepared as a result of the time we spent with Rikki, and we are all grateful for her insights and ideas about how we can more effectively deal with people in crisis. Our cadets and staff have overwhelmingly said that it was some of the best training they have received, and that we need to bring Rikki back for more in the future. We WILL invite her back to continue this effort to better inform both our cadets and our staff about the issue of suicide – and we will ALL be better for it. A BIG thanks to Rikki for a job extremely well done!

Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez Jr. 
Vice President for Student Affairs
Texas A&M University 

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Whether you are interested in booking an event, want more information, or simply want to share your story, we can't wait to hear from you.

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